10 Million Dollars Penalized on Facebook

10 Million Dollars Penalized on Facebook

Facebook problems are increasing day-by-day and Italy has penalized $ 100 million on the social network’s popular website, on the basis of commercial data usage. Crude Euro has been fined and it has been encouraged to sell data without uninterrupted and in aggressive way to inspire knowing about sharing their data within consumers. Primarily the Italian administration on Facebook has committed 2 fines, one of which is not going to sign up for users to make sure that their data can be used on commercial basis. Other criminal data data is available to third parties It has been imposed on the provision.

According to the statement issued by the Italian Competitive Authority, a clear statement of this statement should be issued on desktop sites and apps on Facebook. It has been kept in its grip. It started with the discovery of Manchester and since then it has been from Facebook. Accordingly, he is considering the decision of the Italian fake and will be reviewed on this review and the agency’s reservations will be terminated. According to the BBC, many measures have been taken to overcome privacy issues in recent months. It was sentenced to Britain in October before the UK penalty for $ 645,000 on the Cambridge Enlighten scandal.


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