2018 Hardy Years For Facebook


The end of Facebook 2018 is the way it started, that is, criticism of users and experts, which is the reason for their trust and personal information. You may not know or remember Yes, 2018 is the year, the founder of the social network of this website, Mark Zuckerberg, had called the social media network to solve all the problems, but he acknowledged that some of his problems could not be solved.

According to the Reports, revealed that Facebook shares data from multiple affiliate companies. Starting the year, the Victorian Mark Zuckerberg Facebook page January 4, Mark Zuckerberg had declared his annual challenge to fix Facebook because the social media network was under attack due to numerous security flaws and privacy, especially Russian interference in US presidential elections in 2016 and The time consumers were more focused on the time. But the efforts were that Mark Zuckerberg described that at least 3 years will be required to resolve the problem and at the end of the year he admitted that Facebook Problems can be seen but can not be solved.

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A Guardian and the New York Times joint investigation report came out in which it was linked to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which misused millions of Facebook users’ data. The storm was rising against the matter but the situation worsened when Mark Zuckerberg and CEO of the company Sherlock Sandberg were silent on the issue for the last time. The Facebook confessed to this issue, saying that it is more than expectations Initially, the preliminary report states that 5 million people have been affected by this, later this number 8 million Facebook as a tool to learn later that they had access to their data or not.

Mark Zuckerberg had to go to US House Representatives to clean up. This was revealed in the Explanatory Stock Footwapel, which has been revealed to the consumer messaging in the Facebook Messenger app. Scans the content of the messages so that they can be blocked if they violate the company’s principles. However, they themselves confirmed the scan to scan all the contents of the content themselves during an interview. He said in an interview with the Volkswagen. Bookmarks from Myanmar’s personal messages in Myanmar were a massacre of Rohingya Muslims The contents of the reference were scanned and removed.

After this statement, it came to an end that all Facebook users scanned messages, confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson. When a user sends a picture on Facebook, our automated system scan identifies the images of children exploiting their photographic technology or when a link is sent, we scan it for mail or viruses. The company has made these tools so that it can stop bad behavior on your platform immediately. “According to the company, The data obtained is not used for advertisements but it is to prevent people from exploiting, insulting or other matters.

The DATA Hackers’ stock footage is not expired but affected. Weave feature weaknesses make people easier for hackers who could help steal their account by stealing Essays token with a feature-related code. Although Essential Tokens are not passwords, in spite of that people log in without logging. It can be done .2 weeks later Facebook reported that 2 million and 90 million people should steal the names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Whereas the date, birth area, office and office information of one hundred and forty 40 people have reached hackers. Facebook, however, said that a digital marketing company is behind this security attack and these hackers do not work for any state.

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The photo scandal acknowledged Stock Photo, in which a bug in the social network gave developers access to 68 million people’s photographs. Popular also got access to the photos that users upload but post Do not eat. Data Sharing AgreementNew York Times reported December 18 in its report that major technology from Facebook Companies is given much access to the personal data of the customers. It was claimed that the Microsoft Bing search engine was allowed to view the Facebook users ‘friends’ names, while their users were not allowed on Microsoft servers.

Consumer profiles were built. The report also said that Spatial, Netflakes and Royal Bank of Canada can read, write and deliberate personal messages while viewing all users in a thread. Names and contact information were allowed, Apple’s contact numbers and calendars were allowed Events have been accessed, while the ability to hide desired data from consumer devices was also given. PST book has made such a partnership in more than 150 companies in 2010, some of which are still effective. The time was blown up when the US government started legal action against Facebook. Facebook will take action against fraud, Facebook is sorry for the crisis to overcome Facebook, various features and movements.


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