69% of Pakistan do not know what the Internet is


Washington – An overview uncovered that 69% of Pakistan does not know what the Internet is? As indicated by a report in Pakistan’s daily paper Dawn, the study led Sri Lanka’s Think tank Lankan amid the October-October timetable year. Amid this time two thousand individuals from the age of 15 to 65 were addressed. The faultfinders guarantee that its review technique is with the end goal that at the national level 98% populace is spoken to. As per the Foreign Minister, Helian Gulpia, the Pakistan Television Communications Authority has said that the nation has 15 million rupees in the nation. Shane, however, his information does not demonstrate what number of men and what number of ladies, what number of clients are rich and don’t know how poor and their entrance and utilize. 31% of individuals on the planet He said that they know in regards to the web, 17 percent of them said that they likewise utilize the Internet. Web clients depicted different employments of low-utilization. 49 percent said they didn’t have much time, while 18 percent said the web is costly. 22% of individuals revealed that there was no restriction on their web use. From the earliest starting point, 53% of the telephone did not have the Internet get to. 25 percent utilize the Internet on a typical telephone, while 22% have cell phones. The PAT did not react to this review.


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