A prisoner of the Nadia, where prisoners carry bookcase and canteen


Teen students and students are quietly reading books in Sila, a beautiful tourist destination in Shimla’s fashionable Mall Mall Road, located in the shadow of high walls of Pedar.

Many youths are buying couches sandwiches burgers and coffee. These cafes are running two-year prisoner’s captive prisoner. The food items that are sold here have also been prepared by prison prisoners.

Vajra is a life sentence in the crime of killing. He has been running a bookcase with imprisonment for another one for the past one year. Yograj said very softly, ‘We were locked in four walls of jail.’ What would you talk about? But since the work here is looking great. ‘

The cafe has a small notice board which states that the cafe is being run by the convicted prisoners.

The local people here also know that these are the convicted prisoners. “I have heard that the cafes are going to jail in jail.” It’s a good thing. ‘

Several prisoners of Keitho prison in Shimla go to various parts of the city daily to work without a watch. Some of these educated prisoners are also coaching and tutorial classes.

Guru Verma is a young prisoner who is cutting off his life sentence. Before being punished he was a engineering student.

‘After you go to prison your brain closes but the body does not stop. When I get out, I get rooted in the world. And then that I am working. Now I do not have a bus on my private life, but Professional Life has come back. ‘

Prisoners are part of the reform and settlement of the prisoners to get rid of the jail wall wall and the opportunity to come back to society.

The jail department of Himachal Pradesh has taken this initiative to revive the prisoners under the ‘Open Prison’ program.

Speaking at the BBC, Director of Himachal Pradesh General Jail Somesh Gail said that the jail is a department where there has been a lot of improvement in India.

‘We are trying to focus on focusing on the occupation of Focus now on the basis of captivity. He is receiving the punishment for the prisoner’s crime. Should we have human behavior with it also need to be reduced? If we can afford it, then he can become a better person. We should try hard and that’s what we are doing. ‘

Under the Open Prison Program, nearly 25,000 prisoners are sent to prison outside.

Can not this jail escape? Somesh Gaul says that a systematic procedure is followed to review the behavior of the prisoners sent out.

The record of going to the parole of these prisoners is seen. How is his attitude inside the jail? But people can get jobs out of us, people have to work in. How did he work After seeing all this, we select those people.

Under this reform program of the jail, the prisoners are running cantons in many places in the city, have opened the salon, and there are also shops and shops made by the prisoners at the prison.

Mohammad birds have been in jail since more than ten years. Now they are sewing. They are not getting money, but they are getting money. It’s up to date. Sometimes, I earn four thousand rupees five thousand. I also send money home. ‘



Prithvi Sharma, the prisoner of Keitho prisoner Prayash Sharma, told the BBC why the jail conditions are not good, nervous pressure on the prisoners is very high. They run a variety of programs to get rid of these situations.

‘We called a leading painter here and separate paintings on prison walls. Every painting contains a few messages. The purpose of such measures is to create a positive thinking in these situations in prison. ‘

This optimistic experience of the Prison of Himachal jail is going on without success. These prisoners reflect the human rights behavior of the prisoners as they are offering an excellent model for the jailbreak of other states.


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