Aasia Bibi flies abroad? Where is Aasia Bibi now?


Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman starting late seconded by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in a lack of regard case, has been freed from women imprison here, as shown by sources.

As demonstrated by BBC radio, she has flown abroad with her family. She is joined by the Dutch priest, the BBC ensured. In any case, a lesser specialist expelled the case. Outside news workplaces, BBC and The Guardian furthermore uncovered her release referring to her lawful counselor Saif-ul-Muluk: "She has been freed. I have been educated that she is on a plane anyway nobody knows where she will arrive.”

Sources said a 10-section United Nations arrangement, including media individuals, moreover visited Multan and they enveloped Aasia Bibi when she was released. In any case, no restorative office official was set up to avow.

The sources revealed to News community the restorative office experts had gotten records identifying with her release earlier in the day after which she was freed. As demonstrated by the BBC, she was made a trip to the Nur Khan air base in Rawalpindi from where she got out for the Netherlands.

No proficient specialist concerned was available for contribution on this information, yet a lesser expert, requesting lack of clarity, rejected the report and said she was not freed. The Supreme Court had exonerated Bibi on October 31. The exemption had provoked contradictions in a couple of urban networks the country over.


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