After decades of intense conflicts in Paris, Macron advised the Prime Minister to negotiate


French President Emmanuel Macron has ordered his Prime Minister to negotiate with political leaders and protesters, when he strives to stop the wave of protest across the country, before breaking down. The people made the Middle East battlefield. On the contrary, the police officer appeared uninterrupted at the time when protesters protested in Paris’s suburban suburbs and offered dozens of motor vehicles. Are the costumes broken by luxury shops, luxurious private flights and hotels? The worst disaster occurred in the capital since the year 1968. This disaster broke out on the rise in petrol products. But it moved. It has been shown to be a huge challenge for the presidency.

It is a public reaction against their economic reforms, which has emerged as a serious breach. They think 40-year-old chief heads were not ready for it, and now trying to control the situation. The day after meeting with his government members, the French Presidency issued a statement which states that the President has told his Interior Minister to keep the security forces ready, so that the situation could be resolved in more case of protest. When he told his Prime Minister to negotiate with the leaders of the political parties and representatives of protesters. A France According to the ACE presidential statement, despite the advice of the protesters to offer immediate discount, the Mentists could not address the nation on Sunday, and it has been said that there was no talk about the implementation of emergency in the country.


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