Another bad news for the public, OGRA proposes to increase the petroleum products’ empowerment


ISLAMABAD, OGRA has suggested reducing the prices of crude oil prices and petroleum products are expected to increase. The readiness of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has suggested the increase in prices of petroleum products from the government, ignoring 35% reduction in the crude oil price in the global market. According to OGRA sources, petroleum products have been sent to the Ministry of Petroleum, while recommending to increase the amount of 9 rupees to Rs 91. In the summertime sent by OGRA, petrol has been recommended to invest Rs 5, 21 paise, diesel 2 rupees, kerosene oils 9 rupees 91 paise and light diesel of Rs 7 7. Prime Minister Imran Khan will finalize petroleum products prices and new prices will apply from December 1.

Asad Umar Tweet


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