Apple hardware’s confession of a serious hardware problem


Apple has acknowledged a serious hardware problem in the latest iPhone model introduced over the 10 years of iPhone. Apple on its own, Apple iPhone X models warned users that they could potentially touch the touchscreen problems. It may be encountered because it is a paragraph that can display the display module.

Due to Apple, because of this touch does not work on touching some part of the display or display, and this display can start uninterrupted work without even a little. In the American journal Forbes, it was reported that the good news is that it is easy to catch the display problems and if the iPhone X is affected, the display module from Apple or its dealer can be converted free. If you have already fixed such an error, you can also get the refund. However, Apple has warned users that if their iPhone X screen is scared or similar to them, then free them It needs to be fixed before the service or additional costs will be received. And it is not necessary to say that fixing the iPhone would have been much higher. On the other hand, Apple will update the IOS version of the IOS and some users complain about the IOS 12.1. According to the report, the app’s warning shows that the iPhone X, iPhone 8, The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6 feature serious hardware issues. It is the case that Apple announced last days that it will no longer show the sales figures of iPhones and many circles thought that the iPhone Company is facing difficulties in selling XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X.


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