Apple trial on new iPhone photos

Apple trial on new iPhone photos

The most prominent thing in Apple’s design is front camera cameras and other sensors above the display that people call on. This cut-off on the phone helps Apple use modern cameras, which can identify face recognition censorship. It is important, though the phone’s emissions are less. Recent Apple’s recent marketing photos seem to have put this company in trouble. In fact, Apple has lost the touch of the touch in the pictures of the phones because the phones are shown with a dark background. And now a woman has filed this photograph as misleading and claims to be charged against Apple. In a California court on Friday, the lawyer of the lady Courtney Davis filed a claim on Apple, accused the company that the company felt that because of the company’s pictures, the iPhone did not get into XS Max and booked it on pre-order. Croatia. It is said in the verse, ‘These pictures give people an impression that there is no text but not here, and I accept it. I’m sorry to say that there is no point on her top. It can take several years to decide the claim of this claim and the court may not take it seriously. But this is the first time that the marketing photographs have been made based on a legal case. Apple has currently issued any statement about this. Have not done.


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