Are the “2 secret” moons discovered in the universe?


How many moons is the Earth? So its answer is one, but on November 6 various media organizations had stirred up a stolen storage, which was said to have been ‘2 secret companions of our moon’. This was the head of the National Geographic ‘Ground 2 The extra and secret moon ‘or’ Wonder Channel ‘was the title’ There are no three moons of the earth ‘. This discovery base on September 1 made a publication published in the monthly journal of Royal Astronomical Societies. This article was written by the experts of the ELTE Eötvös Loránd University of Hungary, in which The Down Cloud was confirmed, which was discovered by the Polish astronomer Caucasian Cordillesky, Polish expert in 1961. This cloud in points of L. F. and L. F. between the Earth and Moon. These are points that keep the clouds and the moon attractive to the surface of the clouds. These clouds are named Codelivysky Cloud, which has long been doubtful about the impact of sun gravity. L. F. and L. F. Pieties have been vacated. So the presence of these clouds is really big news but that means It is not that we have discovered the new moon.

So, there is no unanimous opinion on the boundary of the moon, but the general opinion about a space body like the moon is that the space body that surrounds a planet. Codelivysky cloud rotates around the ground of the earth due to its position in space. Mumgar is positioned in a place where gravity soil particles inside and outside the system. That is why researchers call these clouds as moon Instead of pseudo satellites. They said we confirm that really clay pseudo satellite in our moon’s neighborhood also stir around the ground. Singing, the cloud was extremely difficult to find, even though they are near the earth as the moon, but researchers often ignore them. “Well, the idea of watching the moon at the sky is very good at night, but it’s a great idea. The clouds of the soil are very foggy and that is why they can not be discovered for a long time, so it is not expected that we can see a space like heaven on the moon in the night

So there is only one moon in the earth.


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