Armeena Khan slams Priyanka Chopra yet again


Eminent actors belonging to India have over the past few weeks drawn severe ire from the international community for glorifying and rooting for war amidst escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan.

On the centrefold of the entire backlash is Indian actress Priyanka Chopra who is also the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Priyanka was earlier severely criticised by Pakistani film and TV star Armeena Khan for praising the Indian armed forces and cheering for war despite being the Goodwill Ambassador.

The ‘Janaan’ starlet has once again struck at Priyanka in her latest tweet where she says the actress owes an apology to Pakistan and the rest of the world.

“Keep getting asked on the whole Priyanka @UNICEF issue. I think Pakistan and the world is owed an apology. The refugee children you hold for photos deserve sincerity and not PR exploitation. Once you look into their eyes & see pain you will do everything to save peace. #notowar,” reads Armeena’s post. 


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