Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz claims resignation


AK Party’s chairman, Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz needed to leave from the leader. Yilmaz’ın yesterday evening, yet did not leave until the point when the night of the AK Party General President Numan Kurtulmuş’a focused on tweetler shared. Yilmaz was later observed to have tweeted.

As indicated by the data got from AK Party sources, Ordu Mayor Yilmaz, yesterday went to the AK Party Headquarters.

As indicated by the affirmations in the rearward sitting arrangement, Enver Yilmaz was requested to leave in these discussions while he was in different transactions with the gathering building the nearby decision arrangements. In any case, Yesterday evening, Unver Yilmaz did not leave. Yilmaz in the meantime, the general VP Kurtulmuş’u focusing on and a portion of the divulgences of the Has Party period, including the nearness of some consideration focused.


While these talks were trailed by online life, Yilmaz additionally hunt down tweets that were the theme of dialog. With Yilmaz’s gatekeepers, the Police Chiefs battled before the Kurtulmuş, Kurtulmuş was expelled from the convention. The Interior Ministry started an examination concerning the issue.

Prior in the Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Düzce, Balikesir, Niğde districts were requested to leave the presidents.


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