Bad news for all the Whatsapp users


Consumer chat has revealed mysteriously disappearance in the messaging popular ‘Whatsapp’. Many complaints have come from complaints that the ‘Chat History’ is missing and all possible efforts Despite the missing chat record could not be found. A user wrote on social media that when he saw the Chatbox Whatsapp in the morning, there were 2 to three chat deleted. The user told that the whatsapp was informed about the complaint by 25 emails, but there was no problem when This user’s complaint is the leading technology website ‘Web

Beta Info also shared on their platforms. Many users using the Whatsapp commented on the Twitter disappearance of Twitter, saying that it is difficult to miss the auto chat and it’s the reaction to the company’s reaction. Whatsapp is not disappointed.

In August last year, the Whatsapp announced that all the data in the app under a new partnership will be available as a backup in drive account if the account is not updated for a year. All data from Google Drive will be deleted automatically. One reason for disadvantages can be a backup account case, but users say Apparently it’s going to cause any problems and WhatsApp this error should be removed as soon as possible.


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