Bad news for the fans of Amir Khan


Mumbai: New Year Superstar might be frustrated for the fans of Amir Khan. As per the points of interest, subsequent to seeing his most loved legend in real life, “Thugs of Hindustan”, possibly Amir Khan’s fans can not see them on the extra large screen straight away. As indicated by an Indian site, one year from now Amir Khan’s primary spotlight will center around his most famous social show crystal gazing, anticipated that would raise the issue of inappropriate behavior under “Mae Tu”. As indicated by the data program, the program group has finished the work and numerous ladies will demonstrate the narrative of foul play and mistreatment in the program. Since Mr. Entertainers give each task their own hundred percent, with the goal that the news is in the pivot that they may not sign numerous motion pictures now and their fans won’t have the capacity to see them on the widescreen one year from now. Keep in mind that three shows of this show, which began in 2012, have featured critical social issues. Must peruse: Amitabh Khan’s Mega Budget film “Thugs of Hindustan”, who is called Mr. Pervez Musharraf, approaches the Malaysian partner to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, is being discharged on November 8 this year, including Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif has additionally shown up in real life. In any case, this news is available for use that Amir Khan won’t make any motion picture one year from now.


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