Best Smartwatches of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide (Must Buy)

Once my teacher told me,
Pen in the hand and watch on the wrist is the identity of the student.
What a statement, today when I start my professional career I often thought how true that statement was, even after launching of smartphones still watch is a symbol of professionalism and well-organized personality. Though the market of watches rapidly gone down after launching smartphones, some obviously go with their values but the count was too low.
But the market knows the need for enhancement and technology and smartwatch gets launched along with extra smart features to fulfill the customer’s needs and demands. The features of smartwatch are local touch-screen interface, several apps supporting, cellular connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio connectivity and file transferring via USB, long battery time, awesome Designs, an infrared sensor, though not all the smartwatches have same features but can be similar to each other. While early model could only perform basic tasks like calculations, digital time telling, and game playing apps but now smartwatch features are more likely to smartphone and well supported with smartphones. Some models introduced in the market as watch-phones as these have complete functionality of LTE technology.
Smartwatch can be easily used as a remote control for AC, TV etc. as people often forget after placing at somewhere.
Smartwatch is really helping you while walking or traveling by guiding you the way through GPS.
Mobiles and devices can simply search through the find phone feature of the smartwatch, we just need to simply connect devices and will be enabled to ring on misplaced devices through smartwatch.
Smart watches can be a good fitness tool, it can calculate daily calories rate, walking steps, distance, heart rate, pulse rate, sleep quality and much more.
Smartwatch can be used to convey messages some allow calls as well, but how best feature this is, Suppose if you have a threat or falls in any problematic situation you can immediately transfer message via smartwatch to your trustworthy, but with the phone, you can’t do it easily.
Why smartwatch?
While performing daily basis tasks, exercise or any other activity one can continuously get informed from their notifications, messages, calls. The smartphone is hectic while it comes to care of that especially in public places you cant continuously check your phone, while smartwatch can be easily checked as it is on your wrist. If I say that, SMARTPHONE needs your care but SMARTWATCH cares for you will never wrong.
Smartwatches are much powerful as compared to smartphones, there battery backups are really admirable if you are on traveling it can keep you connected up to 10 days after charge only once.
Youtube is available on smartwatch waooo!! Means now one can easily stream the videos while he is walking, cooking washing, and yes water doesn’t damage.
And the best thing is a much more cost-effective solution as compared to smartphones,
Smartwatch is highly recommended for those who are busy, doing burdened jobs, crazy for tours, exercise-aholic, students, females (self-defense).
By seeing tremendous and remarkable features of smartwatch I am in doubt that, as previously smartphone replaces the watches, now, smartwatches aren’t in try to replace smartphones???


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