Biography of IIhan Omar


Ilhan Omar

IIhan Omar was born on 4th October 1981 in Somalia. Her father Nur Mohamed was also Somali and worked as a trainer. Her mother died in her early age and after her death, she was raised by her Father. IIhan was very inspired by her grandfather named Abubaker who was very much interested in politics and she took all of his grandfather’s inspiration in her.

In 1991, when the civil war starts in Somalia they stayed in a refugee camp for almost four years in Kenya. And then in 1995, he emigrated to the US. As above I have written about IIhan’s grandfather interests, her grandfather was very impressed with democratic culture and he emphasized her during her upbringing regarding the importance of democracy.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in political sciences and the reason for this was that influence which she took from her Grandfather.

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IIhan started her professional career in 2006 as a community nutrition educator then she served as a campaign manager for the re-election campaign.

In 2013 she managed Andrew Johnson’s campaign for city council and after winning of Andrew she started working with him as a policy Aide.

In her early career, she once got injured during a meeting for which she was already awarded by the authorities. But she never stops her career and in 2015. She joined as a director of policy and initiatives of the Women Organization Women Network.

IIhan started her political career in 2016 and fight on the Democratic Farmer-Labour ticket and fortunately, she won the election by defeating Mohamud Noor and Phyllis Kahn. And she became the first Somali –American Legislator in the US.

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Israel conflict:

IIhan has been criticized the Israeli government actions, she is against the bombardment over civilians and she criticized that this is evil doings. She said that boycott of Israel is not a solution which may work for a two-state solution.

Election winning Nov. 2018

Today she is one of two women who won the title of the first Muslim women elected to the US House of Representatives. Throughout struggle and hard work never fail you, it’s quite hard to take a position in US house but both the ladies did this.

Personal Life:

IIhan was engaged in 2002 to Ahmed Hirsi. They have two children but the pair separated in 2008. Ilhan married again in 2009 to Ahmad Nur but later on, they both divorced too. After the divorce, she married her first husband again and they have one more child now. IIhan, Hirsi, and their three children live in the Cedar-Riverside near Minneapolis.

Being a first woman in US Office it can be tough for her, hopefully, her career will remain on the peak.


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