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Sunday, February 24, 2019

This phone’s design has not been seen in any smartphone yet

Smartphones will see you very much, but no Chinese company can compete with the new console device of Vioo, which is your...

You’ve never seen a car like this car

Every year there are many congress vehicles that companies call future futures, but the vehicle like South Korean company you have not...

This is the first “5G” smartphone of the world

If your 4G phone speed is tight, then the good news is that you can also get 5G smartphone very soon.

Paper-like TV

Would you like to buy TV screens that can be folded like a newspaper instead of folding a bag and putting it...

The secret of the film Home Alone 28 years later

If Hollywood movies are talked about, there will be very few films in Pakistan that should be remembered for a long time....

Apple company decided to set up units in the near future near India

The United States's Jet Mobile Company Apple has decided to set up one unit in India, according to the growing commercial war...

Some of the best features of the Whatsapp coming in 2018

The Wats app is the world's most popular messaging application, which has exceeded the number of users over the past two billion...

What will be the Display of Samsung Galaxy A8S? First Look

Samsung's biggest South Korean company, has introduced a number of smartphones, which have been given the best front camera. So now the company has...

Telecom introduced the fastest network in Pakistan

Telenor introduced the fastest network in Pakistan, Norway's company has introduced 4G services in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi in the four cities of...
Pakistan Railways increased 10 to 19 percent of trains' rentals

Pakistan Railways increased 10 to 19 percent of trains’ rentals

Pakistan Railways increased 10 to 19 percent in trains 'rentals. Pakistan Railway increased by 10 to 19 percent in trains' rentals, which has also...

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