Conventional OOH industry collapse or the real faces turned out?


Once I read somewhere,
Whenever you intend to execute your purpose wholeheartedly and your intention is based on truth then spiritual powers of earth and heaven reach to help you.
And today when I hear a news that Pakistan OOH industry is in danger then suddenly one thought come into my mind was; “we were true in our mission of competing and challenging the conventional OOH mafia”. And became forced to think that the purpose of HappiiAds is much similar to the above mentioned saying.
OOH, the industry has been occupied by some Mafia from last many years. They people are good to follow old or conventional methods but very slow to introduce anything new which is in the interest of the country because of their own interests. If we talk about the international market then we came to know that the industry is growing very rapidly, multiple new enhancements they have been adopted and researching on new methods too. But unfortunately, in our country, we are excellent to make our public fool by betraying them e.g the digital billboards and hoardings introduced in the market but actually, the objects or devices they are using for the advertisement doesn’t meet the actual requirements and due to the vulnerability of projectors major accidents happened too. In the name of Gorilla Advertisement, they did worst work. Neither they people fulfill any rules nor do any security measures while they adjust the billboards or hoardings, their only purpose is to earn money.
They have destroyed the beauty of public places by deploying multiple billboards and divert the focus, one even can’t search the right address due to the abundance of billboards. In high traffic areas (Markets), people can’t even view signal lights properly due to the high resolutions of these billboards.
To discontinue this method and to cope up with all these matters Government and judiciary is very active and after the verdict of Supreme Court, Government campaigns have been started too. Infect from many main areas billboard have been removed and in a few days, the country will be clear from this Mafia, until or unless they not introduce any new invention or meet the Government described rules.
In the start I have written here about the HappiiAds mission, yes, we have planned to launch the OOH new and innovative methods to fulfil our objective “To make the Pakistan Developed and Beautiful”. And we are strived to our mission by following Government rules and policies.
By visiting our website HappiiADS you may get all the details.


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