Do you want to make a new look like Gmail?


It is often difficult to accept the change, especially if they come to your email inbox. A few months ago, Google’s new Gmail design was introduced and many people are not happy with this new design. Of course, The biggest blow for consumers has been from Gmail’s default video, with an e-mail with attachments such as Asch minutes, slides, documents, or other bubble-like icons. And the return from Gmail to the old version of Gmail from Google has been implanted. But some changes in this settings can be done in which the inbox will look like the old Gmail.


Click on the Settings Gear on the right and then Click on the available options display density at the top. So you will get the option of screen view options. The default option is the new bubble Design and Attachment icon that will be visible to you in the new Gmail. An additional option is available. WAV displays an email in the form of a paper clip in the form of a paper clip instead of icons. The second option is a compact with the old Gmail design.


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