Earn Money From Mobile Without Investment : Beginners Guide

Earn Money From Mobile without Investment

Hello Everyone, Today I’m going to show you the most easiest ways to make money online. If you’re searching in Google,YouTube about earn money from mobile without investment so this article will help you.

Android Phone is the necessity of our lives and everyone own this but What If I told you? You will Earn Money From Mobile Without Investment? Yeah, You Listen Right! I’m talking about your phone that how you will earn money from mobile without investment.

Interested! You Must be. So Try to read this article carefully for better vision and idea. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Money Making Apps for Earn Money from Mobile Without Investment

Let me listed all the mobile phone applications that are genuinely paying you good amount of cash like 10 to 25$ per day.

10.Grab Points

Grab Points is a great website and mobile application that paying you real money and gift cards by completing simple tasks.  You need to watching videos,completing surveys,download apps or more. You will also get paid when someone join grab points from your link.

Gift Cards are including most popular games like Fortnite,Steam,Facebook,Clash of Clans etc. All you need to do just create your new account playing games and watching videos daily for get paid via paypal or btc.


Pivot is a recently launched application that pay very well like 5 to 700$. Pivot is basically a a CryptoCurrency application that pays you when someone joining from your link, They liking post etc or you will also earn extra cash from this by liking,posting,commenting different posts.

This application is working on “Powers” Like the more powers you have the more money you will making. Simple is that!. You will get paid via BTC or other payment gateway’s.

8.Google Opinion Rewards

Google never disappointed us. I mean Google is everywhere and even with Google, You will earn money from mobile without investment. Basically, Google Opinion Rewards is the google app that allows you to earn some cash and get paid as a gift cards like you’re buying something etc.

You need to just answers some quick surveys of google around your interested and you will get paid each and every time you answered.


Do you know little bit Photography? If YES so Congratulations! Now, You will get paid every time a brand or other merchant buy your photo. In other words you will earn money from mobile by taking some freaking photos. Either your Photo Category is nature or someone else you will get paid.

Foap is an mobile app that absolutely helps you to generate revenue with your favorite photos, Don’t worry! If you’re not a photographer you will easily get paid via your vectors,graphics or even completing surveys.


SwagBucks is another a good application for both of platforms like Android and IOS that paid you good amount of cash for completing surveys,searching the web or watching videos. You will get “SB” points that easily be converting in real cash or gift cards.

Even you can earn free gift cards when you shop online,surveys,watching free videos or more. So If you’re ready to waste your time on a valuable asset so go ahead and download that app.


No one like news nowadays because everyone has mobile phone and social media platforms for knowing what’s going on. Right! but would you like to get paid by just swiping some freaking news.

YES! Slidejoy is an mobile application that pays you good amount of money by swiping news right or left. You can redeem money via pay pal or you will also has the option to give donation from this app.


This app is especially created for Health Conscious People, If you’re doing exercises or health activities daily so you will get paid from this application.

While Using Achievement you can earn money by completing daily health tasks including sleeping,walking,moving or more. So Ready for become healthy and wealthy at the same time without any hassle.

3.DV Closet

Do you have the skills of help somebody by just telling him/her about the latest fashion clothing? DV Closet is an mobile application that pre-approved stylists, fashion bloggers, and other fashion pros to make extra money by helping users put together outfits and make purchasing decisions.

You can make $22 for a 10 to 15-minute virtual styling session; more for personal shopping trips. As you grow your profile, your earning potential grows with it.

Caution: This app is only for IOS. So Android users will use the other apps for earn money.

2.Money App

Money App is another android and IOS app for earn money at home. This is the best rewards app you will get money or rewards by completing surveys,giving opinions,testing surveys or more. This app is updated regularly so you will never ran out of money.

You can do it anytime, here are no complicated missions, and best of all it’s a FUN and QUICK way to make a few extra bucks!

You will redeem your credits via PayPal in 2 or 3 Working days. This app is available across the world.

1.App Trailers

Preview ‘Video Trailers’ of apps, celebrity gossip, videos and get points that you can redeem with PayPal cash,many more with AppTrailers

Watch the high quality streaming videos of Apps in Google play! The only place you can see a movie preview of an App or other awesome web videos and get rewarded for it.

As well with App Trailers you can earn rewarded for playing trivia! Over 10,000 questions and more added every day.

Final Words

I don’t recommended you to give your all time on these applications because no one app will be your passive income source but remember always something is better then nothing. Hope you like this post so at least give it a share among your friends and relatives.

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