What are the Best Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home : Dummies Guide

What are the Best and Easy Ways to Earn Money at Home

Looking and finding out the best and easy ways to earn money at home. Welcome! You’re in right place, Today! Abrar Nadir going to presented you Easy Ways to Earn Money at Home. so Abrar! Here you go.

What are the Best Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

Abrar Nadir Here! Nothing is easy in the world, it’s all about time. I’m going to show you the less time consuming easy ways to earn money from home. Let’s get started.

URL Shortening

Do you listen this word before? I mean, everyone must listen this at once. Well URL Shortening is the easiest ways or idea to earn some extra cash. 20 to 100$ a day or more then that. The idea is behind on URL Shortening is that you need to short the URL from different URL networks and they paid you when someone going to their website from your link.

Let me listed for you the best URL Shortening Websites that paid you more then 50$ day.

Bitly: Bitly is the most useful trusted website that actually pay you when someone going on any web page from your specific link.You will easily earns 20$ a day from Bitly.

Za.gl: Za.gl.com is another website that helps you to earn 100$ per 1000 visitors including referral commissions or others. You can check out all their terms from OFFICIAL Website.

Shrink Earn: This is the another great website for earn upto 20$ per 1000 views. They don’t have much tough policies so you will easily get started from this website.

Click here to check out the most URL Shortening Websites

Selling Blogs/Websites

Hmm, Do you ever thing to sell your Niche or other Blogs/Websites. Believe me! Selling your online property it’s a great idea to get started. Now, How this works?

There’re 2 methods that I loves to share with you. so read it carefully.

1.Outsourcing: If you have less investment like 50$ or 100$ so all you need to do just hire a WordPress Website Developer, Pay him no more then 25$ for building a great website with simple theme (including domain & hosting).

Now. All you need to do just sell that blog/website on Flippa. 

Check out the screenshot of given down below.

easy ways to make money from home

Flippa is CRAZY! Even new websites that has 1$ profit worth of thousands of dollars. so just hire your site developer paid him less if his skills are not much capable and post that particular website/blog on Flippa.

2.Build Long Term Website: Another way to sell your websites/blogs is just create your own blog, write articles on that, DO SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and when your blog/website is ranked. Listed on the Flippa. This is the long term and passive income way but you need to do hard work if you started from scratch.

Affiliate Commissions Via Reviews of Tools:

Affiliate is the one of a best business in which I talking regularly.If you don’t know what is Affiliate Marketing Is? so Check out my Long Value Article on Affiliate Marketing Business.

Basic idea is to promote someone’s products and earns a good commission but look, You don’t need someone to buy physical product for generating Affiliate Commissions. Well! my main purpose is  not confusing you let me tell you step by step.

1.Try the product itself: I’m not talking here to buy the JvZoo and Clickbank Products. All you need to do just buy those tools/products that already giving you ROI. Example, Tubebuddy a great tool for growing YouTube Channel so just need to write a review on that and posted on different blogs/channels. People are absolutely likes your content because your own that particular tool paid membership first.

Check out the pricing of Tubebuddy then I’ll do little calculate.

If you buy this 9$ package and experience it till the month so I think after the month you know the better using of it rather then the people who are giving biased reviews and now here is your trigger. Check create reviews videos and article on Tubebuddy,put your affiliate link in Description of your YouTube Video and article of your Blog.

Don’t be hasty just tell the audience about truth that why you’re not liking this tool or which features are best etc.

Let me list all the great Websites that offering Affiliate Commissions:

Reselling of Online Accounts : Easy Ways to Earn Money at Home

Reselling is the most profitable and easy ways to earn money at home. It’s a concept which I using and earns 50 to 150$ per day just by freaking someone messages. In reselling you’re the basically middlemen. You just need to resell one online property to another buyer by creating your commission.

For Example, If someone want to buy a Facebook Page so offer less the seller  like 10 to 15$ depending on the current stats of page and then resell it to your buyers on higher price like 25$. Now you will get 10$ profit without doing anything.

Caution: Make sure you’re doing reselling with trusted sellers and buyers.

How to Get Sellers and Buyers? 

Well there’re many platforms and its easy then Affiliate Marketing because you’re doing those things which everyone needs like YouTube Channels,Facebook Pages,Google Adsense Accounts or more. 

I highly recommended you to resell the YouTube Channels or Google Adsense Accounts for quick money because they are high demanding when I writing this article.

Let me list all the websites where you will find the sellers and buyers.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Designing the artworks in less and sells it in Higher

This is the most easiest ways to earn money at home. What If I tells you the easy ways to earn money at home using designing artworks without knowning the tools like Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator or more.

Seems Interested! Well In also that case you have 2 options, First one is to hire a graphic designer offer him less clients and generates your commission by offer his services in much prices to your buyers. You will also offer his services on Freelancing sites like Fiverr,Upwork.

Second Option: Go to Canva.com and create the pre template designs by own. It’s a great and forever free website that has bunch of templates for design. Let me showing you the quick preview of that website.


Easy Ways to Earn Money at Home

There are also more options like designing the YouTube Graphics,Facebook or more. 

I think! You Got a idea 😉

Final Words:

Now, there are also many others authentic easy ways to earn money at home but that’s the story of another posts. I really appreciate your thoughts so let me know in comment sections and share this article for together grow 🙂


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