Education System in Pakistan – All the Complete Information You Need to Know

Education System in Pakistan - All the Complete Information You Need to Know

Education System in Pakistan

O My LORD Increased Me In My Knowledge
In the Quran, ALLAH (SWT) guide us again and again to get the knowledge, but
Being a Muslim country, Are we following the Islamic rules? Do we really know the meaning of Education? Unfortunately, the answer is “NO”. But why what were the reasons and causes that we stand today far behind from the world.

Standers of Education System

The main reason is double standers of Education System, cultural norms and a lot of other reasons.  Our education system is different for Upper class in comparison of lower or middle class and cultural norms are different for girls as compared to boys.

Enough Resources

The elite class of Pakistan has enough resources to get admission in high-class schools with so-called British level education no matter how the student mental level is, they can get best for their children.
While it has been observed that the students in lower middle class or in the middle class are more intelligent sometimes but they haven’t any resources to get the admission in any English medium High Standard school. Or sometimes many best students can’t get enough education or left their education incomplete just because of fewer resources or income. This is not the end here, there is one more picture i.e:
Children from Poor, illiterate, and uneducated background even don’t know the meaning of School. Many of them never ever visit for a single minute to school. Even some areas located in Pakistan still thought that education is against their norms and values and children and women will become disobedient because of education.

Lack of Education

Due to this Lac of Education, we stand today in the country where is the system for the elite class is different from the system which occupied poor’s.
Though the education system in Pakistan increasing continuously still our literacy rate is very low even we are far behind from any educated nation. Our literacy rate is up to 58 %.
I am wondering that what we are doing and where we stand right now? Is this the country whose dream was seen by Allama Iqbal, Is this the country for which Quaid didn’t care about his health? Is this the country, hundreds and thousands of people embrace martyr for?

Take the Stand against The Education System in Pakistan

It’s the time to think, to take the stand, to take initiative for our own motherland, Now it’s the duty of youth to come out from their shields and visit rural areas to spread the awareness of knowledge. It’s time to help out those individuals who have the family burden and cannot complete their education. We are one country and one nation. If one family took responsibility to teach a single child then how big change can come we can’t estimate that.


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