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Unfair Treatment of Social Life

Favouritism (سلوک ترجيحی) the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.

Favoritism is a lesser acknowledged form of prejudice(تعصب). The only difference it harbors(دل میں رکھنا) from other prejudices is that it is not always a preconceived notion(تصور). Nepotism(اقربا پروری), favoritism granted to relatives and friends with no regard to merit, is the form of favoritism that has been based on preconceived notions. Other forms such as favouritism in education or the workplace cannot actually be based wholly on biased(متعصب) beliefs. It is my opinion that favoritism is obviously wrong.

Favoritism impacts negatively on morale(اخلاقی) in the workplace and in some cases it can be termed as illegal, for instance if preferential treatment is based on a particular race. If treatment is traded for sexual favors in exchange for promotion at work, it is also termed as illegal. Workplace favoritism is termed as a daily problem in the workplace, among other problems like health and safety.Though it is within human nature to favor certain things over others and treat things differently, toying with another human being’s life and emotions is unethical and unjust.

Cronyism(قریبی ساتھی) is another example of workplace favoritism and involves hiring of friends to work for the company regardless of their qualifications. It is characterized by favors on part of family members or friends in the company and this may involve favoritism during awarding of contracts and hiring. This creates a problem because the employees who are employed in this way feel entitled to salary raises or promotions just because they know somebody powerful in the company. This mostly leads to conflicts in the organization as well as reduced dynamism in the business environment. Conflicts arise because other employees feel that awards are not given according to merit but depending on friendship. Degradation(تذلیل) of work ethics results because the out group and in groups try to gain benefits from the management.

This may be difficult for some of us to admit. Maybe you are contributing to the breakdown in the relationship. Our best solution becomes our position or stance in the matter. Our needs, concerns and fears all play a part in coming up with such a position. Misunderstanding and dissent(اختلاف رائے) grow their ugly heads when our solution is not the same as theirs. Several foes(دشمن) often combine to create contention. Our first enemy is our natural need to want to explain our side first. After all, we reason, if they understood our perspective, they would come to the same conclusions we did. Our second enemy is our ineffectiveness as listeners.

It is my Perception(خیال) that some people show favoritism because they see something in a person that they either have wanted to be or want to be now, so they attach themselves to the person to protect and harness whatever it is they like so much.

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