Foreign Hackers Are Spreading Traits for Smartphone and Computer Users

Foreign Hackers Spreading Traits for Smartphone and Computer Users
Foreign Hackers Spreading Traits for Smartphone and Computer Users

Various foreign hackers including India, for the use of smartphones and computer users have spread dangerous traits, which are not safe by the corporate sector with ordinary citizens. Data for sensitive information and bank accounts is hacked. There is also a way to avoid it. Cyber ​​war continues in the world of Internet, hackers’ attacks are common in India. This War is also continues for Indian, Bengali, Russian and Austrian hackers.
A large part of Pakistan’s population is mobile phones, laptops or computers. The devices of Computers and Phones are not secured.

A link to an SMS or a smartphone website that is available on a mobile phone may be a hacker. According to experts, the use of Trojan horses and military services are being used in this world of hacking. The data stolen from people’s devices becomes a part of the Dark Web, in case they are bank accounts, they have to wash their own money.

According to the report, the number of mobile phone users in Pakistan has increased in October, 4 lakh 96,710 users in October, after which the number of users using mobile phones in the country has risen 152.16 million. According to data issued by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority in October, the number of users of a phone was recorded in October.  The company has become 2 million 74 thousand 58 new users during October. 

Data Users :

The total number of data users has reached 21.1 million. Three companies including a phone in the country are providing third and third services.


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