Former Prime Minister Sharif reached the accountability court


The hearing of the flagship references against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is coming back today. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reached Islamabad Accountability Court for felicitation in Fig. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement has been completed in the Azizia Steel Mills Reference, while the court has sought the final arguments from the parties. The court has made the various petitions filed by the Supreme Court in the Supreme Court as a part of the judicial record. In the last hearing, Nawaz Sharif decided to submit his statement while deciding not to offer his defense, saying that the cases were made against me on allegations of political opponents and the prosecution has failed to prove charges against me.

Nawaz Sharif Statement

Nawaz Sharif said that apart from the JIT chief, Wajid Zia, an investigative officer of the Panama case, no witness has given any statement against me and his statements are not acceptable testimony. Money laundering, tax robbery and corruption charges started on assets more than rare accountability. You must read: Governor’s presence in Shahbaz Ghazi’s attendance ‘Flagship reference filed against Nawaz Sharif, JIT investigator, Mohammad Kamran, continues on the contrary. Former Prime Minister’s lawyer Khawaja Harris is doing well. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has given three weeks to complete the referendum hearing against Nawaz Sharif and Justice Arshad Malik of the Accountability Court No. 2 has given a notice that 70 to 75 questions will be kept in the Flight Reference.


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