General Motors announced their closing of five auto plants and 15 percent of the employees

GM has said it is closing its five auto plant in North America and has decided to finish its 15% regulatory staff. The company has said that the company, Sales of its cars are significantly decreasing and they want to reinforce its future to secure the future of the business. General Motors are currently using Sholts, Volts, Implants, Cruise, Buckock, GT6 and Is making xx. The company says these cars will not be made in the future because the car market is going to end and the trend of buyers is moving towards SUVs. Cars are manufactured in local motors which are closing the plants. Are there These plants are located in Detroit, Oshawa, Antioch, Vernon, White Marsh, and Michigan. The company has said it will save $ 6 billion by 2020. The company has said that South The auto plant located in Korea is also being shut.
Auto shutdown of plants will affect almost 8,000 regular workers of the company and their jobs will continue. In addition, around 6000 workers will also have to wash their jobs with their jobs which work on an hourly basis. The base of the general motors was laid in 1908. It has been over a hundred years while working. The company had to face bullying because of severe financial losses in 2009, but with the help of the government’s bailout program, she managed to get out of this difficult and became a profitable company again in 2010. Motors are not in harm, but its sales in North America and China are falling constantly its biggest market. The company wants to get out of this business before the losses. The effect of increasing non-interest in buyers in the business is affecting other auto companies. Another big carpenter company, Ford, has announced that he is closing cars next year. Union workers working hard to declare their closure and said they would fight against this decision.


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