Get Free YouTube Subscribers – #1 Ninja Trick

get free youtube subscribers
get free youtube subscribers

Hi Content Creators Welcome Back to another YouTube Tips. In this post I’m going to show you the number 1 HACK or a Trick to Get Free YouTube Subscribers. All that subscribers with this method are 100% geninue and organic. So if you interested what’s coming up next, Considering Commenting in this post.

Get Free Subscribers Step by Step

1.Head over to and Search the videos. Remember! only search those topic related videos in which you already have a content.

Let’s say you have a video on “How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers ” So you search result will be like this

get free youtube subscribers

These people are the same content in which you have a video. Open 10 of the videos from here and now all you need to do just comment something valuable.

Don’t do Spamming and comments like “Subscribe My Channel” etc just create value to the readers.

How it Works?

When you comment to your competitor comments section you comment will be on the eye of thousands of peoples. From thousands if hundreds reach out on your channel and watch the same content they will like but with lot’s of value they surely consider to SUBSCRIBE.

As I commented valuable so definitely this comment will not be consider as spam. Because when you interact with the users you definitely get more clicks on your Channel and surely SUBSCRIBERS if you have good content.

How to Write Good Comments?

  • You must provide value to the users in someone videos comment section.
  • Avoid any type of links in comment sections even any social handles.
  • Don’t be over smart YouTube is more then you.
  • Appreciate your Competitors don’t be a jealous person and never do spamming.

Final Words:

That’s it for today. Hope you Like this Post let me know in comments section and I’ll meet you in the next one.


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