Getting education technology to classrooms

As we move towards an era where mobile phones are getting more popular than books and newspapers, there is an advent of gaming technology that has evolved the maturity of the children in the present day. Parents usually observe a crankier side of their children while they advise them to study.
It is because they are not being introduced to the same advancement levels at school that they are being engaged in through the cell phones. The android games such as Street Chaser and Mountain Car Drive can be some of the many instances.
So how are we going to deal with the technological trouble relating to school kids. One of the proposed ways is to introduce educational technology into the classrooms with the introduction of online apps designed to teach students. However, this is nearly impossible especially in a country like Pakistan where government schools cannot even afford to have a single computer lab.
Even the advanced countries could not establish it due to the financial investment required for such facilities. If we try to take initiatives in this regard then we should consider the fact that the entire system needs to be reformed. And we need to formulate ways to achieve this target.
While the government schools hardly get in the process of development, individuals can step forward to introduce new ways of teaching. One of the popular methods can be to provide Scratch programming for school going children. Scratch is a programming tool designed for children where applications can be designed by using simple drag and drop technique.
The software involves math operators, visuals, sensing techniques and much more. It has introduced programming as a latest tool for learning. Students can learn concepts from mathematics and physics while implementing them on Scratch using all the creative methods that they innovate.
Scratch has already emerged as a very popular programming tool across the globe. For instance, Britain has established Code Clubs where teen aged children can learn coding skills after their school time.
These camps allow volunteer programmers to conduct sessions for the young students. In Pakistan, certain institutes and individuals have tried to promote Scratch programming but they could not establish it as a popular teaching school.
We need a better organized and consistent program that is able to get support from parents and teachers.


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