Google introduces another useful tool for users


Google has introduced a new one that will facilitate converting different image formats into minutes. This is an online tool that will work in any browser and consumers upload any image from your computer to the converter. And will be able to save it better. Google has not developed this app compared to other services but aims to introduce users with new technology. This app has different image formats such as WebP, Browser PNG, JPEG, Opt PNG And mga JPEG etc.. The actual image can be converted in either of the Focus Bureau Scivish formats. Some formats contain costume parameters that can help the image to be edited in such as WebP, while others I do not.

The users can easily select parameters or edit any formats and the image will be converted instantly. The difference in the preview area will also be shown. With the help of a slider, the user will be able to see what is the difference between the original and the converted image, while resizing the image as well as other changes. This app is often improved Will be helpful for the people.


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