Google Just Launched an Amazing New App For Android!


Well, there are plenty of photo management apps available for Android smartphone, but it was the Google Photos that stand out from the crowd. Apart from basic photo management features, Google Photos also helps users to free up some storage space because it automatically backs up the photos on its server.

Google Photos is massively popular on the Google Play Store and its right now used by millions of users. However, if you are using Google Photos for a while, then you might know that the app depends on internet connectivity a lot. Since the app is mostly used for cloud storage and backup purpose, the app is nothing without proper internet connectivity.

So, Google Photos Android app is basically a huge let down for everyone who lives in developing countries where internet connectivity and lower space on a budget smartphone is still a problem. So, to deal with such issue, the search giant, of course, Google launched a new stripped-down version of Google Photos known as Gallery Go.

As per the Google Play Store description, Gallery Go is a smart, light, and fast photo and video gallery app built by Google to help users. With Gallery Go, users can find photos faster with automatic organization, and it works offline.

The all-new Gallery Go app from Google needs less than 10MB of storage space to install on your smartphone, and it uses the machine learning to bring about a comfortable experience for users. The app automatically organizes user’s photos and videos into various categories like selfies, landscapes, foods, etc.

Some basic photo editing features were also included in Google Photos, much like Google Photos. Since it works offline, the app doesn’t care whether your photos & videos were backed up or not. It simply shows photos that were stored on your Android smartphone.


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