How to Use Google Keyword Planner for Keywords

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

You probably heard “Keywords” Keywords are the backbone of any business based Online. Today In this Post I’m going to show you How to Use Perfectly Google Keyword Planner for Finding Keywords to your Website,YouTube and others. Hey My name is Abrar and Let’s get Started.

What is Keywords?

I know you most of geeks already knew about that but as a blogger let me to do my duty. My always aim to hold from your hand so let me tell you about “Keywords”

In easy language: ”Words which people are searching in Google or any search engines are known as ”Keywords”


You searching about “How to Use Google Keyword Planner” is also a Keyword.

Why Keywords are Important?

As I told you Keywords are the backbone of any particular online business etc. Because users searching ‘one topic’ from different keyword phrases. Let’s take an example

Here are two Persons First is ‘A’ and other is ‘B’ Both of them want to get searches about “Cooking Recipes”

so when they write this particular phrase “Cooking Recipes” they will get suggestions like this.

Now look at the suggestions, When both of the users which are A and B searched about Cooking Recipes they will get different phrases I mean different keywords. So might be both of them wanted to read articles but when they see ”Cooking Recipes Videos” are also available so they definitely go with that term.

So If you use good keywords, Phrases those searches are high but their competition are low so you will definitely get your business on top of head.

Why Only Google Keyword Planner?

Good Question! Let me answer you clearly

Most of the bloggers write their articles on different blogs,topics etc for rank them on Google Search Engine. So Isn’t it good to use the Google Keyword Planner for getting the right searches and competition.

Why Google?

Maybe it’s a stupid question but let’s answer it.

Google is the number 1 search engine in the world. Trillions of People Searching different phrases/topics in google. So Let’s Suppose you ranked on Google with the phrase “Money” something like that so how much traffic you will get? You can’t imagine it. Traffic is en-directly the Revenues.

Interested!Keep Reading..

How to Access Google Keyword Planner?

If you go to Google and Write ” Google Keyword Planner” you must need to add your confidential details like Credit Card etc because keyword tool is going to attach with your ad words. Adword basically a advertising account from Google which you will use for getting paid traffic.

how to use google keyword planner

Once you clicked on my given link down below you will get the page like I shown you above. All you need to do just Enter your E-mail then Country and Hit on ‘‘Save and Continue’‘ you will get the page something like that

Click Here for go with the Magic Link on Google Keyword Planner

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

1.Write your Main Topic Keyword Phrase like I wrote ”How to Use Google Keyword Planner” then Hit on ”Get Started”

2.You will see a page like that. Now all you need to do just change your location if you want then Search Networks.

What’s that?

Search Networks means If you want keywords ideas from Google and other search engines as well like YouTube so you have to change that option otherwise you good to go.

Locations  That means from whom country you want to see keywords ideas from your main subject. Suppose I’m live in Pakistan but I want to see how people searching phrases in United States or other country. So Simply! I change that option.

Search Volume Trends shows you how much your main subject keyword phrase are going popular the more chart bar are higher that’s means the more chances you’re searching for a wide topic.

From Here, you can also add multiple keywords phrases like I added how to use google keyword planner,google keyword tool,google tools, and once I click on ”Get Results” I’ll get different phrases for this 1 subject topic.

You can also filter your searches like you will set average monthly searches,Competition and others filters. (The more you practice the more you will get a grip on that).

On the left side you will get ”Keywords Phrases then particular keywords ‘‘Monthly Searches” and the main part ”Competition”

Although, If you point out your cursor on any particular keywords phrases you will get the idea how much your particular keyword is going on trending.

That’s it…. The more you explore the more master you will be.

Final Words:

That’s it for today. Hope you like this post let me know in comments sections for your next best keywords and I’ll meet you with the another one.


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