Hacking of Pakistan’s Intelligence and Military : Cylance Report

Hacking of Pakistan's Intelligence and Military

Hacking of Pakistan’s Intelligence and Military

California based company Cylance has released a report about hacking in Pakistan’s intelligence and military. This report was published on Monday stating that a mysterious group who call themselves as “ The White Company” attempted to hack Pakistan’s military. The report also states that the group hacked into various sites having confidential data and matters of homeland security.

Purpose of this Hacking :

Purpose of this hacking was to steal confidential data and then harassing the Pakistan government. Intentions of this hacking were purposive.
Initially, Cylance identified this group of intruders and hackers in 2017 and clarified that this group poses a threat to the government of Pakistan and homeland security as well as other South Asian countries.

Hacking of Pakistan's Intelligence and Military

Western Leaders Action

Pakistan has a significant geographical location and it is a nuclear power. Western leaders have always shown their interest in Pakistan as Pakistan possesses the military and nuclear equipment. This threat has agitated the concern of western powers and they are willing to take action against it.

Director of intelligence for Cylnce, Kevin Livelli emphasizes the role of Pakistan. He says, ”It’s a pivotal country not just in South Asia but in global affairs.”
Role of Pakistan is a like a backbone in the efforts of U.S. Pakistan has played a key role in the U.S. fighting against terrorist groups like the Taliban, al Qaida and Haqqani network.
Director of Cylance says,” In our judgment, targeting the military is particularly concerning.”

Identity of Hackers 

SpokesPeople at the firm declined to say at this time which nation it believes sponsored the attack.
They said it was likely a country in the Middle East and one that seeks to imitate the cyberspace capabilities of the U.S.
According to Livelli, the government of the U.S., Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, India, Israel, Great Britain, Canada, Australia or New Zealand are not involved in such immoral act. Although these countries are considered to be the world’s most powerful cyber actors.
Cylance also did not reveal any information about what it believes the hackers stole.
Previous incidents of hacking
In 2014, Cylance revealed information about an Iranian operation. It states that U.S. and Israel developed a virus to damage Iran’s ongoing nuclear program.


Hacking of Pakistan's Intelligence and Military
CyberStrike ‘s Role in Detection of Hacking

CyberStrike, a similar firm, detected a pro-Russian hacking group was involved in interference of U.S. elections and coined the term Fancy Bear to refer to it.

The Response of PakCERT in Cyberattack 

PakCERT in Pakistan did not officially confirm a cyber attack against the Pakistani military or government. U.S. intelligence agencies reached for comment did not immediately have the information they could share. The Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C., did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Pakistan came under extreme critical examination this week following reports that most, if not all, wide-scale security breach were alerted especially in banks. PakCERT subsequently reported evidence of credit card-skimming, but not a massive data breach among Pakistan’s financial institutions.
The need of the hour is to be extremely vigilant and the government officials are right now trying to escape from the highlights but on a national and international level, there is a dire need to do something on cybersecurity in order to avoid such incidents in future.


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