Happii Ads: An Ideal Alternative to Billboards


Promising you excellence as well as results, We at Happii pvt limited provide you with the ultimate OOH solutions in the world of today. Not only do we provide stunning alternatives to the traditional billboards, we also make sure to help you through the journey of taking your brand to a new level.

Some of our most influential methods of advertising are as follow:

On-vehicle Advertisement

On vehicle advertisement is a distinct marketing practice of wrapping vehicles in brand campaigns or advertisements. We use quality vinyl sheets to paste your desired ads over our Happii cabs. The advantage of this sort of advertisement is that it provides you with a mobile billboard that moves throughout the city.

Where we equally collaborate with Happii drivers, we make sure to maximize your outreach by offering you multiple wrapping options. With Happii Ads you can either opt for full, partial or panel wrap depending on your requirement. The plus to which is that you would never have to worry about breaking the laws by installing a billboard or banners on public places. With Happii ads you are at an advantage because you can smartly own up to 3-4 Happii cabs wrapped with your brand ads and that too, in the same cost of a single static billboard.

In-Vehicle Advertisement

Another genius tactic of maximizing your outreach is to sign up for Happii in- vehicle advertisements displayed on digital smart screens in our cabs. We use smart marketing strategies to captivate the riders while displaying your ads. This is the best way to maximize your reach and target audiences from all over the city. We moreover provide you with the facility to analyze and monitor the impressions on your campaigns.

Virtual Technology

It’s about time we wage a final goodbye to billboards; this is because we bring you an innovative 3D hologram technology to leave your targeted audience in awe. With our 3D hologram virtual technology you can easily attract a large audience and keep them captivated by building an image of your brand in their minds, hence maximizing your exposure.


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