HAPPII ADS : Smart Advertisement for Smart Advertisers


We at Happii private limited focus on various methods that help your brand reach its objectives. Whether it’s helping your campaign reach its target or taking your brand to a new level of mass audience, we have you covered. It’s as simple as signing up with Happii ads and opting for your desired advertisement methods. Whether you want your ads to be displayed as a wrap up on our vehicles or desire to captivate the riders, we help you in both cases.

After the recent implementation of laws concerning a ban on billboards and advertisement on public spaces, advertisers are now shifting to a new technology of outdoor advertisement. This is where Happii comes to aid by providing an alternative to billboards by introducing latest technologies. Our hologram technology allow the users to get an insight and an image of the brand in their minds, unlike the rest we believe in innovation that moves our customers to a new space of advancement. Gone are the days of allocating a single billboard for your campaign, now you can save and advertise by booking multiple vehicles in the save cost as a single billboard.

The smart advertisement methods are for smart advertisers, with Happii ads you don’t have to worry about your advertisement being removed or damaged; neither do you have to care about any sort of lawsuit or fear breaking the recent law. You brand image is in good hands and we take care of the rest. The best part is you can control and review the success of your campaign by not only analyzing the impressions but also targeting the audience accordingly, what is better than having a control over what your audience likes the best?

Our team of masterminds captures the advertisement market in every sense. Be it outdoor, indoor or social advertisement, we have solutions of your all issues.


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