HAPPII Ads, your ultimate OOH solution


Say goodbye to the average outdoor advertisement methods and a big hello to a glorious shift in technology. We bring you Happiiads, your ultimate solution to outdoor advertisement in Pakistan. Keeping in mind the latest bans on usual OOH methods by the supreme court of Pakistan, Happii Ads does not require any installations on public properties or billboards. Where you can advertise on cabs instead of boards, happiirides are a source of advertisement that not only moves you but also moves your campaign around the city.

Since we are now shifting from no more advertisements on public and government properties, Happiiads could serve you an advantage in this situation. The good news is, with Happiiads, you can now own up to multiple Happii cabs running your campaign in the same cost you pay for a single billboard. You can even opt for the advertisements running inside the vehicle, further maximizing your outreach.

HappiiAds is more than just advertisements wrapped on Happiicabs, It is a complete package for anyone looking for a way out of the old advertisement methods. With our latest technologies, advertisers can now promote their brand both economically and efficiently. Happiiads allow you to campaign both inside and outside happiirides, this means that with minimum cost, you can now promote your brand to a wider audience. Not only are we economical, another major plus to advertising with us is that we move your campaign throughout the city, which in this case is better and cheaper than a billboard.

Since our motto is to generate independent income for our users, Happiiads allows the drivers to earn through advertisements as well, which in this case promotes and increases the rate of employment with us. Keeping in mind the benefits of our latest technology, we provide analytics and a complete overview to our advertisers where they can monitor their campaigns and keep up with their target audiences; consequently if you are looking for an alternative to billboards and banners, Happiiads is a way to go.


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