HappiiAds Provide digital advertisement services with captive market solutions.


What is HappiiAds?

HappiiAds is focused to provide the best, latest, modern advertisement solutions to its advertisers with revolutionary ideas that were never occurred in the market before. HappiiAds introduced a vehicle, In-Vehicle advertisement solutions with trip intent Technology. On the other hand, HappiiAds is offering Social Media Marketing with proper smart services.

And the one major invention is hologram advertisement which lasting impact can change the buying decision immediately.

On Vehicle

Wrap a car along with digital services to the prevention of billboard and old practices.

On-vehicle is simply, become a brand ambassador with your own car to generate the income by moving all over the city.

On vehicle is working to sustain visual communication, engaging services, brand appraises on roads and makes enable strong buying decision in one go.

On-vehicle is working digitally and make tracking, and live impressions of advertisement possible by Trip-Intent technology. Also, provide a cost-effective budget for advertisers.

In vehicle

Happii AdsEngaging a consumer while sited in a car towards advertisement with live streaming and Ads.

Almost one-third of our Population Spends one hour daily in the vehicle and become over thinker, We want to convert their thoughts by keeping them engage through live streaming &Ads and make them enable to aware what is new around them.

Pakistan is far behind in advertisement world and In-vehicle is the biggest step to provide digital solutions by offering groundbreaking measures in form of the tracking system and live-impressions.

Social Media Marketing

Happii Ads Social Media Marketing

We grow your business with after smart services & by targeting the right audience.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) getting popular very rapidly, Almost 7% of the revenue is generated through SMM by providing immediate results.

Demographics: we run laser-targeted advertisement as per the needs, interest, ages, locations and online behaviors of a customer.

Smart Services: we provide continuous support, maintenance, monitoring, SEO, SEM, PPC services to rate the brand,

We use top Mediums of SM like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, to maximize your revenue.

Virtual Advertisement

The hype of 3D Hologram invention to promote your business by leaving a long lasting brand impression.

The hologram is not only the 3D technology it’s a digital illusion that flew the consumer in the new world of amusement and makes his buying decision stronger.

This latest enhancement in the technology world is not familiar in Pakistan’s Market. And this entertaining technology is too much effective that one can stop to just see your brand advertisement.

We worked in depth on designing, hologram’s hardware, software to produce the best outcomes

How It Works for Advertiser

Provide the scope of captive advertisement to boost and digitalized the business.

You may run your campaign by using our on-vehicle and in-vehicle services of advertisement. You have to simply register yourself at HappiiAds and after fulfilling requirement you can enjoy the benefits of your advertisement with the proper tracking system.

And to run the campaign of social media marketing and Virtual Marketing you may need to contact us so that we provide you smart solutions to boost your business.

 How It Works for Cabbies

Provide the chance of income to cabbies by using their own vehicle.

HappiiAds is specially designed for its cabbies so they can increase their income. Cabbies can work with us on our two major advertising tools on-vehicle and in-vehicle.

You have to simply register yourself at a happiiAds website or by downloading our App.

Once you registered, a company will receive all your required details and after fulfilling the further requirements you will be on board to earn your own income.

Contact the US:

HappiiAds is working internationally to provide advertisement services.

HappiiAds is providing services internationally and located in Texas, USA, and Istanbul, Turkey while headquarters are in Pakistan. If you are a first time customer and looking to speak with an experienced agent for advertisement advice on best options tailored to your business, Contact our team now.

For more Information Visit: HappiiAds Official Website


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