HappiiAds Technology Enhancement


HappiiAds in means of Technology:

App-based technology is involved everywhere and in every business, so why not in OOH Advertisement? HappiiAds bring this enhancement in Pakistan for the growth and development of the country.

HappiiAds is a technology-based company who developed a host of Apps to become a pioneer to introduce a new OOH advertisement medium in Pakistan. These Apps are designed to bring advertisers and drivers on the same platform and provide advantages to both of them, one can compare his daily earning with the miles he travels and the other can track his campaign reality through ground-breaking measurable data respectively.

The technology allows the advertisers to start in-vehicle campaigns and capture the audience by showing them live videos or recorded videos.

The on-vehicle advertisement is to wrap the consumer vehicle with advertisement campaign and to introduce a more entertaining medium along with providing groundbreaking measurable data to advertiser and driver.

Key Advantage:

HappiiAds technology based advertisement provides the chance to brands that they can easily measure and scale their on-vehicle and in-vehicle campaigns.

While in Pakistan no advertising company is providing this technical offer to the advertiser that he can go through from his campaign or check the reality base advantage of his any OOH campaign.

We made easy payment solutions for the advertiser, you can avail the facility of transferring funds by online Banking our account number has been mentioned in the APP. And then get the opportunity to start the campaign from anywhere for any city nationwide, by simply using the App. you will enjoy the smooth and easy operating services.

HappiiAds, on the other hand, provide drivers the chance to track their daily KMs and to judge their actual income.

For easy payments, drivers have to add their account details in APP after signing in. Once the campaign will end we will forward your funds into your account as per terms and conditions

HappiiAds providing the solutions of Trip-Intent technology and ground breaking measurable data, what these technologies are and how they work? Let’s see.


HappiiAds can influence buying decisions before purchases are made by tailoring messages to the specific rider receiving the message. Messages can be tailored depending on the passenger’s gender, age, route, and destination. For example, a passenger traveling to a hotel could receive ads for local restaurants or entertainment.


HappiiAds analytics enables you to see how many people interacted with your ads, where these interactions took place, and what those actions were. With this additional data, you can leverage ads to bring the best results or evaluate different campaigns.

HappiiAds came into the market with the aim to boost the country’s technological environment by bringing all possible and innovative enhancements in the OOH advertisement and are fully prepared to meet any situation in the market.


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