HappiiAds is Pakistan’s first digital service which is going to introduce innovative Out-of-Home Advertisement through consumer vehicle. Company is highly skilled and motivated to establish the setup in Pakistan which brings the innovative change in the development of their motherland and bringing the economy graph upward.

Who They Are?
HappiiAds is the team of young, energetic, Talented brilliant and loyal humans who are strive to touch the new heights of glory. By introducing innovation in their ideas and by bringing creativity into their work.
How They Work?
Happiiads choose the consumer vehicles for advertisement services. Then they together drivers and advertisers on same platform by registering them through their APP and providing ground breaking measurable data. Drivers ran the campaign for advertiser and in return earn handsome package.
Why HappiiAds?
HappiiAds provides equal benefits to advertisers and drivers at the same time. Advertisers can track their campaign and also get the access of live impressions and the good thing is they are getting in very low rates as compared to other campaigns.
On the other hand drivers can also earn from this advertisement and enhance their monthly income by doing nothing additional.
The idea of tracking system is not yet introduced in the country, and this is the right time to bring change. And HappiiAds warmly welcome you to come and adopt this incredible change with HappiiAds.

HappiiAds is exited to introduce modern OOH service in the market for the growth and development of country.


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