Have u Plan to visit northern areas of Pakistan?

Have u Plan to visit northern areas of Pakistan?

Then don’t waste your time and read our article, this will really a helpful guide to you.

Northern areas are supposed to be best places in Pakistan for tourism, people from other countries came too for visiting our places, and the charismatic beauty and fantasy of these natural places appeal every individual.

If you have enough vacations and have a long weekend then you must plan out to visit northern areas for soothing sensations and delightful positive vibes.

These northern areas gives you feel of heaven and bring a new life inside you, it’s so amazing that you suddenly starting feel healthy and relaxed.

Friends to go northern area you have to take certain things in your mind,

You should have enough time minimum one week.

If you are travelling on long route, you should take pain killers and enough food along with you. Because there are many roads in your path where you can’t find food and any hospital, and in emergency or hunger u need some healthy stuff with you.

Before moving home, you should check availability in different hotels or you can book hotels of your choice online. Though if you go direct and book hotels it might be possible that you can get them on low rates but it might be possible that due tourist crowd you can’t find there any suitable hotel so it’s better if you do booking online.

Keep your warm clothes with you because the weather of northern areas is very unpredictable. Cold winds blow with hot sun raises. But wind have more effect and feels you shuddering. Though, if you are going in May or June you have to take your warm cloth with you.

The people of northern areas are too sweet, you will not feel stranger yourself among these people. They are loving, caring and good guide for you. They respect you and feels you important in their area. If you bargain them they will less down the rates for you. It’s a normal concept that they provide you expensive products, but the fact is they provide you real one which you can’t find in cities easily. HelveticaNeueW01-45Ligh

Especially if you go NARAN KAGHAN side then you must have to bring all necessary things in means of medicine, daily use products along with you because you will found no shop there, for this.

The best place of northern areas are as follows:

Gilgit Bultistan, Azad Kashmir, Hunza Valleys, Kargah Nullah, Chitral Valley, Shangrila Resort, Mingora, Bamburet Valley, white palace in swat, Lake Saif ul Malook, Nanga Parbat, Ghanche District, Rama Village, Neelum Valley, lalazar, lulu sar lake, dudi patsar lake, ansoo lake, bhoorban, thandiani, Margalla hills,

Hence there are a lot of places and all are above in beauty. ALLAH blessed our country by abundant resources, seasons and much more. And Pakistan is the best place for world tourists, whom we warmly welcome to come and visit.


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