Historic increase in gold prices in Pakistan


Inflation in Pakistan

Expansion rate in Pakistan hopped to 7 percent in October of 2018 from 5.12 percent in the earlier month. It was the most elevated swelling rate since September of 2014, in the midst of a falling rupee and higher gas costs. Expansion Rate in Pakistan arrived at the midpoint of 7.76 percent from 1957 until 2018, achieving an unequaled high of 37.81 percent in December of 1973 and a record low of – 10.32 percent in February of 1959.

Current Inflation in Gold

Gold prices in Pakistan reached the highest level of history, the value of the dollar and the value of rupees declined to increase the value of gold a thousand rupees per year. With an increase of Rs 1,000, the value of gold in the country has gone up to Rs 64,000, while the value of 10 grams of gold has increased from 857 to Rs 55,298. Gold prices in the global market declined by 1 Thousand 122 $ a week, it is clear that today the highest level of dollar value in Interbank went up to 142 rupees and closed at $ 138.50 on the end of business.


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