How Society Can Run On The Basis of Women : Women Empowerment.


We are living in the age of Women Empowerment. Women are working shoulder to shoulder with men in all over the world. Mostly, they are empowered to make decisions for different aspects of their life and profession.


The confidence of women can be higher due to their empowerment. They can be able to lead meaningful and purposeful lives. It removes the dependence on others and makes them individuals in their own right.  It adds to their self-esteem. On the basis of confidence and they can gain positions of respect for women in society. The ratio of the employees of women is increasing day by day. In Muslim countries, the government allows them to take stand on their own. If we are looking towards the world then we will find the most developed countries and then we are going to find the reason for their success. GDP and GNP are on top. GDP and GNP can be higher in those situations when the per capita income of the country is suitable. SO, women also take a huge part for the country development. If they are living in those societies which do not provide the resources and opportunities for education then there is no other reason for the societies backslide.

How Can Society Can Run On The Basis of Women : Women Empowerment.

Necessities of Women

In past, women could not reach their first birthday. Because some different religious minded people buried them after their birth. They were happy in the birth of a male. Now all of those controversies are gone. Western countries give women a freedom for their living. If the women are not empowered. They can not enjoy the security and protection of lives. It is also necessary to provide a safe environment for working. Empowerment acts as a tool against exploitation and harassment. If women are not socially and economically empowered, women cannot develop their own identity. Women are highly creative and intelligent which makes it imperative to receive their contribution in the social economy. For a just and progressive society, women need to be provided with equal opportunities for work.


Without legitimate and satisfactory training ladies can’t end up enabled people. They should be energized for higher investigations. With the goal that they can contribute altogether to the making of the learning society.

Communication Skills

Without communication system, a society could not be powerful. Women should be included in communication skills. Opportunities should be provided for women on communication skills that they can explore themselves in different skills and take a part in the development of the country. Without communication skills, women cannot listen their voices heard. As a leader, they need to put across their points that a family, team or company can be affected managed.


As the government of any country should be provided opportunities for women that they can take participation in the societies development. There two sides of Countries success in which one is man efforts individuals and the other is woman individuals. If one side of any country success cannot be given an opportunity of freedom then definitely a society cannot be run. Moreover, there is a deed leader that they take restriction on one genders.


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