How to behave with Shahbaz Sharif, NAB court’s decision is safe


Former Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has been presented again in the accountability court, NAB officials presented Shahbaz Sharif to the court on expiry of the 7-day rally. A request to extend his physical remand in Ashisha Housing scandal The decision was saved. Judge Syed Najam Hussain of Judge, Syed Naseem ul Hasan heard the case of Ashishabh Housing scandal. NAB lawyer told the court that the questionnaire was given on November 19th, there were questions regarding suspicion transaction. Shahbaz Sharif replied that the lawyer Shahbaz Sharif has not given any answer to the NAB’s questions. Shahbaz Sharif has given a written answer to our total, Shahbaz Sharif has given a gift of 6 crores, Shahbaz Sharif’s total income is 250 million rupees. Shahbaz Sharif said that I want to tell the court on which the court said that you should be silent now later. The NAB lawyer has said that further investigation is required from Shahbaz Sharif. The court should extend the physical remand, Shahbaz Sharif’s counsel opposed the physical remand and said that 55 days passed the NAB could not prove anything. said that the NAB authorities did not complete any inquiry, he was not a cry Amid Pervaizme given a gift of Rs 6 crore.


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