How to Earn Money at Home : Beginners Guide

How to Earn Money at Home

If you’re looking for the better ways to earn money at home so welcome you’re in right place, In this post Abrar Nadir guides you the step by step way to earn money at home. I trying to covers all methods in good and easy to read steps.

How to Earn Money at Home

Well, Nice Question you’re googling let me tell you that YES, it’s possible for earn handsome amount of cash from home. There’re different ways like YouTube,Freelancing,Affiliate Marketing etc.

Freelancing : How to Earn Money at Home

Freelancing is the best and easy way to earns upto 100$ a day or more then that because in freelancing you need to work for your clients. If you have any skills like Adobe Premiere Pro Editing,Music Production,Animation,Blog Writing etc.

All you need to do just sign up with famous Freelancing platforms where you will found the different clients from different regions.

  • Fiverr: Fiverr is a great easy way to start even if you haven’t a good skills on your niche.

Upwork: Upwork is especially for beginners, Upwork is the pro level freelancing website where you will found the high paying clients. Those clients are always ready to pay more then 1000$ a day on each project.

YouTube : How to Earn Money at Home

YouTube is another best way to earn money at home. IF you’re looking for the best guide about YouTube so I highly recommended you to check out this free basic guide first.

How to Become a Good YouTuber

If you want to earn money at home using YouTube so you just need to create videos let me tell you each and every on going steps.

1.Select a Niche : If you’re going to work on YouTube first of all you must know, What content you’ll uploading on YouTube. For example, if you’re good to talk about Gardening,Health or something like that so PERFECT.YouTube is the best way to earn money at home for you.

2.Creating & Branding your Channel: After selected your topic, Now it’s time to create your channel, you just need an email account for joining the then all you need to just setup your channel art or logo. For this you will use Don’t forget to add about section or other settings.

3.Finding the video ideas according to your niche: Video ideas is also known as keywords like in Gardening Niche, the all topics in which you’re going to talk about. For example I selected a niche of “Make Money Online” so I’ll create videos like How to Make Money on YouTube,How to Earn Money at home etc.

Check out the quick example regarding video topics/ideas.

4. Apply for YouTube Monetization: After getting 1000 Subscribers/Followers on YouTube. You will connected the Google Adsense and YouTube so you will get paid according to the views of your channel and each video.

Here you will find the better guide regarding YouTube Monetization 

Drop Shipping – How to Earn Money at Home

In simple ways Drop Shipping is a business where you transferring the orders from one place to another.  Let me tell you step by step process for doing drop shipping.

1.Create your an E-Commerce Store: A store of your products is necessary so the viewers are ordering you.

2.Connects the some necessary plugins: Plugins are very necessary in drop shipping like for automatic products upgraded you need Oberlo a great tool that uploaded the Ali Express Products to your Store.

Well, Drop Shipping is not a small topics so I’ll create a new post about that. Meanwhile I highly recommended you to check out the official guide of Drop Shipping.

Affiliate Marketing – How to Earn Money at Home Easily

I covers this business on each and every topic regarding Business ideas. Affiliate Marketing is something that changes your lifestyle within passage of time.

What is Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is a business where you promote someone’s products and earns a good commission. 

Let me tell you exact steps for becoming an Affiliate Marketer

  1. Join the Affiliate Networks: There’re many networks like Clickbank,JvZoo,Amazon,Vidiq or more.
  2. Find the Most High Converting Affiliate Products: Now, after created your account you need to find out the most trending products that people are ready to buy.

            Look this my one of topic article regarding Affiliate Marketing.

Final Words:

So that’s these are the most authentic ways to earn money at home. If you know the new way I’ll love to update this post with new ways.

Always do hard work because there is no shortcut on how to making money online because shortcuts only can waste your time. Think long term.

First, decide that in which field you love to enroll and research on it. Then make a plan and start work on that project and field.

Lastly, I hope you like this post and share with your friends.


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