How to Earn Money from Instagram – Life Changing System

How to Earn Money Using Instagram

What If I told you a perfect way to make money with your Android device? Not a Little Cash like a 6 figure income or more? Interested! keep reading…

Hi Friends, My name is Abrar Nadir and In this post, I’ll be sharing a quality method to earn money from Instagram. I think I don’t need to tell people what Instagram is?

Here you’ll Learn

  • How to Do Affiliate Marketing with Instagram

You Don’t know What Affiliate Marketing is it? So check out my another post about Affiliate Marketing

Basically Today I’ll be showing with you how you can get traffic from Instagram and generating sales daily.

Let’s get started.

How to Promote Affiliate Products Using Instagram

Instagram is the fast-growing platform. So let me tell you how you can create an Instagram account for your affiliate products. Products huh? Ohh, first let me tell you a quick for pick up the right ClickBank Product.

How to Select a Right Product From Clickbank For Instagram

1. Go to and create an account on that then just click on marketplace then you will see the screenshot as shown below.

How to Earn Money Using Instagram

at the left side you will see a lot of niches so for the demo I selected a Weight Loss Category or maybe called “Niche”

How to Earn Money Using Instagram

Look at this screenshot. Before selected any product try to filter the results as “gravity”. Gravity means how much affiliate marketers are earning with that specific product or you may be called how much product is converting.

Gravity Tips: I prefer to select a product which minimum gravity is 35$ and average sale will be 30$ plus.

How to Earn Money Using Instagram

I selected this product known as “Flat Belly Fix” because of its attractive landing page or good commission like 70%. Now click on Promote Button for your affiliate unique link.

How to Earn Money Using Instagram

As you see this if someone buys a product from my link I’ll get 75% commission. So next just click on the “Create Button”

How to Earn Money Using Instagram

Now the arrow showing your link, Just copy that link and go to link shortener websites and short this URL.

Best Url Shortener Websites

  • TinyURL

Additional! if you buying an emd domain for your product so sales chances are higher. EMD means exact match domain like this product is known as “Flat Belly Fix” so you will buy maybe called “FlatBellyFixReviews”

The purpose of this domain is to just redirected with your product link so people trust you.

Now we have done all the steps like product selection, domain selection, etc. It’s time to create an Instagram account for that product.

Planning for Instagram

1. If you selected a product that is viral at that time so you will create an Instagram account like “Flatbellyfix Reviews”. Just create images and review videos on that product and put an affiliate link in the bio section.

2. A 2nd method is known as “Long-Term Strategy” Like you creating an Instagram account from scratch and upload photos/images related to your product like this product is helping to lose weight so you need to just post an image related to weight loss.

How to Find Data For our Niche

There are many websites that providing you the copyright free images or videos. some of the following are:

  • Google images with filters

How to Create an Instagram Account

There are 2 types of Profile on Instagram. One is Personal and other is Business Profile, you will also do affiliate marketing from the personal profile but recommended you the Business One.

1. Open or sign up with your email and phone number as the photo shown below

how to earn money using Instagram

2. My account is created now all you need to do just fill your profile with complete details.

instagram autopilot earning

3. Now its time to convert your personal profile into business one so just follow this link steps: How to convert personal Instagram into Business

How to Grow Instagram

Don’t be follow and try to promote your product on day 1. Be smart and first increase the targeted followers. Following are the tips for increasing followers

  • Follow or Un Follow: Go to similar niches in which you’re working, find the most popular image/video on that profile and follow the people who added a love react on that particular post
  • Posts regularly with proper hashtags: You will use Hashtagify for getting most popular hashtags according to your niche.
  • Join Quality DM Groups: Try to finds quality dm groups and exchange the followers.

Planning after getting Followers

Look, after posting the relevant posts in the form of images or videos. When you will get 1000 followers now it is to time to promote your product, follow the above steps for grabbing an affiliate link and post that into your bio section.

When people are visiting your profile they saw a bio link, then click on that and buy a particular product if they like.

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