How to get rid of permanent Influenza? Details inside this news


Most of our friends face a sore throat, sore throat and a white drop of water in the throat. In general language, it is also referred to as ‘crazy’ or ‘chronic prostitution’. According to specialists, such symptoms of the symptoms occur in bulk mood and their metabolism enhances excessive blemish bulbs. Apart from this, those people who have unnecessary sensitivity, are also affected by climate change, warm, cold, swollen or sharp foods. They have to face snatching, nose watering, and severe disorders due to old clothes, smoke, dust, dust, drainage, and excessive perfume and odor. These nausea dams are constantly falling into the throat, falling lungs, and respiratory trains. Affecting the car and causing difficult symptoms such as respiratory breathing. It is a fact that every person’s illness is a habit of tolerance, tolerance, environment, profession, and eating habits. Our diet, environment, style care, occupations, and habits determine whether we have to live ill or enjoy health. Our diet is the common expression of our mood, bloody, bloody, and purple. Pulmonary problems are more common in people whose metabolism is weakened, and the mood in the mood and the sleeping bone is found dominant.

People using cold and brittle nutritious and fatty nutrients are called bully mood or any physical disorder, due to any physical disorder, is also a result of bullying mood due to excessive metabolism. Goes away People who have a weak body of immune body, are also easily arrested in such problems. Use of frequent and indoor fibers, sesame, cough, and sugary food also causes chronic hemorrhoids. Likewise, chronic occupation patients often suffer from chronic hemorrhoids. People suffering from hypnotic problems should immediately release nutrients and hot and nutritious nutrients. Pearls, sacks, cucumbers, cola beverages, bakery products, Fast foods, milk, yogurt, rice, big meat, pulses, beans, potatoes, banana, and fertilizer etc. Practice measures should be taken to avoid the effects of the change of food. Drinking grains, smoke, dust, And the moisture should be taken away from the gooseberry. Keeping perfume, cream and lotions also must be taken care of. The weight of the garment and tea is also very important. You must. Chocolate products, ice cream, and caretaker are fed with sweets. Avoid being used by straw water, frozen foods, jams, sauce, spices, ketchup, and artificial ingredients, it is very useful for health. It is important that diet is related only to the disease. The patient can be released from the clutches. They can use all the foods quickly. Symptoms of diabetes have to be stopped during the diet of diarrhea. There are many quick-and-effective household-based techniques at home-level to get rid of gourmet tuberculosis. By adopting these medical techniques, you can succeed in avoiding chronic hemorrhoids. As a home remedy Ginger, Fruit, Garlic, we must grind it with weight and pepper black, pepper green, and make a habit of eating a spoon with each meal, your life will reduce your life. There is no good diet or medicine available from Ginger to eliminate the fatigue. Ginger drinks twice a day in a regular day. Gather only one once after the day. One gram ginger, ten Recipe leaves green tea and a small little owl well in a cup of water, drink flavored milk and drink. The hero will not only eliminate the coconut, but also the ginger is not secondary to increase mental capacity. Tillahlala (Aammee, Rice, Hare) We should dry the sauce of lithium twice in almonds and dry it in the shade. After drying, mix twice as much as honey. Mix half the spoon with half water. After each meal, you must make a sauce and black gray one gram and a small number of nutrients. Some people who have long been suffering from bullying problems have the following medical synthesis. It is useful: Gram Gulfaffa, 25 gm, Gul Gauzban 25 grams, 25 grams Fill, Gul Zofa 25 grams and Ashtukhodus 50 grams. Cook a cup of water well, but the steam of water that does not get flowing can occur. Keep in the half-spoon cup of Cupola Suffer, and cover the cup by flipping the airplane. After ten minutes, heat it, either heat it, or heat all the ingredients. Cook well water in kilograms of water and cook well water, when the water is left behind, then mix sugar and mix it with syrup. Mix twice a spoon in semi-hot water twice a day and drink it as a drink. Along with it, a teaspoon of jolly gasoline is eaten after two meals. At night, eat a spoon of Khmer cowboy angle. If there are chronic hemorrhoids due to the domination of bulb, then a spoon of coconut sesopododus should be solved in semi-hot water. The spiral ground spoon is semi-hot to sprinkle with the cause due to humidity. When used to be found in the pane, be used for leaking. Those who are in need of breathing and breathing while sleeping must take a gram cup to boil a gram cup in water as a drink. Respiratory flow will be restored. The patient whose nose is closed, the oxygen will be kept in the olive nose, keeping the nose in the nose, will open the nose. It’s up. All people who have a sense of temperament and have to face the pain, nose, and sore throat due to rapid perfume, fumes, dust, drainage, seasonal change, and moisture. He advises us that he can “avoid being cautious”, to follow the universal principles of cure and avoid evil problems. Instead of doing food, clothing, routine, style, self-determination, Problems of sensitivity, but many other illnesses can also be preserved. With the basic change, food, drying habits, clothing and environmental requirements According to the fact, changing our routes in our routines helps in our health.


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