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How to Get Views on YouTube
How to Get Views on YouTube

Want to know “How to Get Views on YouTube” Want to grow your YouTube Channel from 0 to 1 Million Views. So Welcome you’re in right place,Today I’m going to show you How to Get Views on YouTube. I showed you the steps base on my personal experience and practice.

You Need to Know?

Before jump in this article you need to know about YouTube Algorithm or In case if you don’t know about anything Related to YouTube. SO

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1.Create a Niche Based YouTube Channel

A Niche Based YouTube Channels is the fastest growing channels on YouTube. In fact, there’re hundreds of Niche BASED Channels that growing rapidly even thousands. So If you don’t know about niche based channels let me share with you something.

As you clearly see that this channel just revolving on 1 single topic that “How to Make Money Online” Now, maybe you get a idea about Niche Based Channels let me share a Stats of this channel.

how to get views on youtube

More then 7000 Subscribers and 400K Views with 28 videos, is it cool? let me know in comment section.

“Btw, I’m not belong to this channel. It’s just for showing you the right example If you want to visit that channel so Go HERE.

2.Don’t Ignore Video SEO

Video SEO is the process to pop out your optimized video on first page of Google and YouTube when someone search a particular keyword. For Example, you have a video on ” Clash of CLANS Funny Moments

how to get views on youtube 2019

You have a video on that topic but why it’s not showing that’s mean Your didn’t do any Optimization So

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3.Create Videos on Low Competition Keywords

Do you know keywords plays a important role for your YouTube Channel,Blog etc. Basically, Keywords are the backbone of Google,YouTube etc. So if you have videos on good keywords so that’s mean you will get lot’s of views on your channel as the period of time.

Remember! There is no the quick viewers scheme. You need to be patience, You Need to Work Hard.

How to Find Keywords?

There’re many keywords tools right now on market for searching the best keywords to your channel but let me share with you some mine best.

1.YouTube Search Tool

Go to YouTube and search for your particular video idea then you will see the most searchable keywords according to your region. Just try to analyze some thing click bait and good searchable keyword.

More Tools?

  • UberSuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEO Stack

4.Utilize the YouTube SEO Tools

There’re hundreds of YouTube SEO Tools that helping you to grow your channel from 0 to 1 Million Viewers or more. But I highly recommended you to use Tube Buddy. Tube Buddy is a best tool to grow your YouTube Channel.

Only 9$ and I think it’s the best way for grow your channel, you will get also the ultimate guide about Tube Buddy on their channel as well. So let’s get started from Tube Buddy Right Now.

5.Target the Trending Topics

Don’t be confused! Let me tell you a best way to target the trends. Trending Topics are the topics which growing rapidly on the current time.

So How we Find Trends?

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Final Words:

That’s it for today. Hope you like that guide leave a comment down below or drop some comments.

Happy New Year,



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