How To make our Moral High!!!


How To make our Moral High!!!

It’s very important to boost your knowledge or divert your intentions from something negative to not to go down or feeling upset. But as a Human Being its natural that some of the times even after very efforts our moral goes down or sometimes it’s become so crucial that people go in depression and this is very common in our society today that every second individual is going through depression.

But Why??

Because, we have left the path of reality and have high expectations Level.

And As Per Old Sayings:

Satan’s work is to seduce others from the right and spiritual path.

And this is our biggest mistake that we have left the ALLAH’s Path, we are away from our Holy Books which taught us about morality, ethics and standards to live a life.

A person who is Muslim and have strong believe on ALLAH can never be misguided by anyone and find the positivity in every aspect of failure.

There is only one way to keep the moral high and stay positive that admit what does happen around you after your efforts and prayers. Once your desires become according to ALLAH’s will then no other power makes your moral down nor you’ll face the depression.


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