IDEAS 2018: Pakistan’s latest technology aims to tackle growing drone threat


Drone technology has emerged as one of the biggest threats in the ever changing world of modern warfare, they are readily available in the market and are more than capable in carrying dangerous weapons on the board.

Keeping in view of the continuous improvements and the ever increasing threats of the drone tech, the National Radio Transmission Corporation (NRTC) has come up with its very own anti-drone jammer.

“In today’s scenario the biggest threat are drones, one can easily intrude any sensitive facility and can throw down grenades over it, so what can we do to counter it,” says Raza Haider, Project Manager of Robotics department at NRTC, while speaking to Business Recorder at the ongoing IDEAS 2018 defense expo.

On 4 August 2018, two drones detonated explosives near Avenida Bolívar, Caracas, where Nicolás Maduro, the President of Venezuela, was addressing the Bolivarian National Guard in front of the Centro Simón Bolívar Towers and Palacio de Justicia de Caracas.

“The anti-drone jammer, as the name suggests jams the frequency of the drone on which it is being operated. The jammer halts the drone their and then, which is dismantled afterwards,” Haider added.

The project manager informed that the jammer has gone through successful trial and error, and would soon be part of the Pakistan military arsenal.

Talking about the on-display drones, the NRCT official informed that the drone comes packed with a thermal imaging camera, which can be used for border security and video surveillance. “Our drones are manufactured, keeping in view of the military needs and it boost long endurance and long payload capacity, which is not available in commercial drones,” revealed the NRTC official.

NRTC, with 48 years of history is the only military telecom industry in Pakistan that straddles the entire value chain from research, design, development, manufacture, testing, qualification, repair & maintenance and obsolescence management.


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