Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib
This is the first time happened in the history that two Muslim Women elected to the U.S Congress in congressional midterm 2018 races.
Omar is the first Muslim women in Congress and along with this, she is also the first Somali –American member. Omar replaces Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, after winning the democratic elections.
If we go a little back it comes into knowledge that she came to the US two decades ago as a refugee. She has the leadership qualities and in her platform support for Medicare, criminal justice, increase wages rate helped her to win the seat over Republican Jennifer Zielinski.
Ilhan Omar was first elected in 2016 as a democratic farmer-labor party of Minnesota. Here, she was also elected as a first Somali American legislator in the U.S, and that’s the reason she is being featured as “Firsts”.
Omar told in her one interview that she is inspired by her grandfather who was very passionate for the politics and loved the idea of democratic govt. That’s the reason that Omar was from the very start had a keen interest in politics. And that interest helps her to win the 2016 election. Political involvement for Omar is more than win or loss.  To see Omar’s victory we come to know that victory comes from the enthusiasm, not from the race or colour.
Talib is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants who ran unopposed on the general elections and becomes the first Muslim women in Congress as well. Talib was an also a member of Michigan’s state legislature some years back and here she also had a title to become a first Muslim female member.
Talib is a critic of an American President Donald Trump and also got arrested two years back in the case of criticizing and disrupting trump during his speech.
Talib is also opposed US military aid to Israel, she spokes for the Palestinian rights and voiced that there should be one state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But throughout her election campaign, she started supporting two state solution as well as aid to Israel and Palestinian authority, which later on create conflict and make her position week among her supporters.
As like Omar, Talib has also made some progressive policies like Medicare for all, wage rate, immigration reform. Omar and Talib join congress at that time while already many women were working there with tremendous skills.
Hopefully, their time will be good in the office as there are only two more Muslims in the office. So they may face much criticism.


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