Government To Learn From The Chinese Expertise For Scientific Farming: Imran Khan


Action on Agriculture

Imran Khan, the Prime minister said that his government would be set the agriculture sector of the country on scientific lines and in this connection they would learn from Chinese expertise in the sector. He is a press meet on this given a detailed description on the existing situation of rice, wheat and sugarcane crop along with the comparative analysis with the neighboring countries and other producers with regards to imports, exports and production here on Tuesday.

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Imran Khan Statement 

Imran Khan stated that Pakistan can hugely benefit from the Chinese expertise in the sector of agriculture. He said that improvising of cooperation with China in agriculture would be one of the great priority agendas of his forthcoming visit to China.
Conveying his concern over the existing affairs of the state, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that enhancing the agricultural sector is an important plank of PTI government agenda. He added that there was a lot of need to support farmers and to help them in adopting the top-notch practices along with requisite support in the provision of mechanization and finances

During this meet, Imran Khan was informed that the country’s agriculture has been stagnant for past few decades and little more work was done to aid the farmers in the enhancement of yields, crop diversification, and mechanization of the agriculture sector. It was also conveyed that functions of research were totally ignored in the past few decades, resulting in overall deterioration of the sector. Low agricultural output resulted in huge reliance on import thus soaring up the import bill. Imran Khan was also informed that the existing trend could be properly checked and can be reversed with short-term measures and work on long-term strategy will be started immediately with concerted efforts of all stakeholders.

PTI’s Agenda

He stated as PTI’s agenda plan of placing more focus on the agriculture sector, different projects were being planned to enhance the crop yield and productivity and to shift focus towards exports and encouraging crop diversification. These projects include increasing access to finance for the farmers, transforming agriculture produce markets, restructuring of livestock business model, harnessing the untapped potential of fisheries, optimum utilization of water resources and increase in yields of major crops and adoption of oilseeds.

Imran Khan suggested that philanthropists could also launch a similar project in Karachi.
He opined that the government would get benefits from the capacities and experience of the Memon community for the country progress and prosperity and improvement of the social sector. The delegation felicitated the prime minister on assuming his office and said that he was a beacon of hope for the country and the whole Muslim Ummah. 3 million Memon community living across the globe, including one million in Pakistan, wanted to fully play its role for the achievement of the vision of the prime minister, the delegation added. The prime minister also appreciated the role of the Memon community in the development of the country, especially in the social sector.


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